American Recovery & Reinvestment Act


Know how to get $44,000+ for using an EHR?

Adopt a CCHIT certified Electronic Health Record system with ePrescribing capability that meets current HHS standards. Connectivity to other providers to improve access to the full view of patient’s health history. 

Fee Reductions
Providers who do not demonstrate meaningful use in 2014 will see in their 2015 schedules from Medicare, a decrease of 1%.  An additional decrease will be affected in 2016 and 2017 down to a 3% decrease, (yielding a total of 97% of the regular fee schedule); it can further be reduced to a 5% decrease (yielding a regular fee payout of 95%) if the Secretary determines that total adoptions are below 75% in 2018.

Stimulus Payout Plan



1. What incentives did the stimulus plan include for Health Information Technology (IT) adoption?

On Feb. 17, 2009, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009 was signed into law, authorizing approximately $19 billion for Medicare and Medicaid incentives to assist providers in adopting health IT as well as state loan programs. The incentives will be available for five years, starting in 2011.

2. How can I qualify for the health IT incentives?

Financial incentives will be provided through Medicare to physicians who adopt and use certified electronic health records in a “meaningful way.”  The Secretary of Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) will determine criteria for meaningful use.  Generally, “meaningful use” is defined in the legislation:

  • Physicians must use a certified EHR system that includes electronic prescribing capabilities, with final certification standards to be determined by the Secretary of HHS
  • The EHR must be able to demonstrate inter connectivity and exchange personal health information with other providers
  •  The EHR must submit clinical quality data measures

3. Is the funding per physician or per practice?

The funding is available per physician. 

4. If my practice wants to start the process of implementing an EHR in time to receive the federal incentives, when should I start the process?

As the first and largest payments will be made in 2011 and 2012, initiating the review process quickly will allow physicians to become “meaningful users” with their systems in place to meet that 2011 window of maximum eligibility.

Electronic Health Solutions

Why EHR Solutions Systems?

As you read about the stimulus incentive program, you see two key phrases that are of critical importance: "CCHIT Certification" and "Meaningful Use".  In order for an EHR/EMR system to be eligible for the stimulus funds, it must meet these two criteria.

When you partner with EHR Solutions in the implementation of your Allscripts My Way EHR, you can rest assured that the system is "a fully certified EHR" by CCHIT.

While "meaningful use" is to be determined by the Secretary of the Department of HHS, your contract with us guarantees that your My Way EHR system will meet all criteria.  In other words, you can move forward today in order to achieve the greatest financial benefits with no risk related to meeting the government's requirements for stimulus reimbursement.

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